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Chikurin-Daigaku: Sho Nakahara by Foxgirl95
Chikurin-Daigaku: Sho Nakahara
Name: Nakahara, Sho (中原翔)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 06/23
Year: II
Height: 5 ft 7 in 
*Weight: 125 lb
Dorm: B-3 
Locker #: 019
Major: History
*Club(s): Literature and Martial Arts
*Orientation: Homosexual
[Objective] - a conduit for the truths around him, proud to have the role of theoretical mediator.

[Enthusiastic] -  he is usually reserved, but if another person shares an interest, he can be downright excited about discussing it.  

[Open-minded]-Sho is highly receptive to alternate theories, so long as they're supported by logic and facts.

[Withdrawn] - He sometimes considers the distractions of the world as intrusions on his thoughts. 

[Insensitive] - Sho is sometimes so caught up in his logic that he can forget any kind of emotional consideration.

[Condescending] - He takes pride in his knowledge and rationale, and enjoys sharing his ideas, but in trying to explain how he got from A to B to Z, he can get frustrated, sometimes simplifying things to the point of insult as he struggles to gauge a conversation with another person. 

Biography: Sho grew up in the big city of Tokyo as an only child, for him though the city was extremely claustrophobic. During his childhood he was more interested in reading advanced books and visiting museums. His parents supported him in his pursuit of knowledge. He spent his years in high school scoring well on major tests. His fellow classmates praised him but avoided him at the same time making Sho realize he was a social outcast. After awhile he decided to tutor some of his fellow students. This is how he met the foreigner Erika Chiro; he taught her how to speak Japanese and helped her through classes. They eventually became good friends and started hanging out outside of school. Eventually Sho realized that he wasn't attracted to girls at all and that men were more his fancy. He was confused on why it was though his father had always taught him to like girls so he asked Erika for advice, she helped him to come to terms with his sexuality. When his parents found out though it wasn't pretty and if it wasn't for his mother Sho's father would have thrown him out. He continued to tutor Erika through Skype after graduating high school and convinced her to come to the same school as him. 

*Trivia: He has an I.Q. of 145.
Chikurin-Daigaku: Erika Chiro by Foxgirl95
Chikurin-Daigaku: Erika Chiro
Name: Chiro, Erika (智呂栄利花)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 11/01
Year: I 
Height: 5 ft. 2in.
*Weight: 105 lb 
Dorm: A-8 
Locker #: 013
Major: Digital Art
*Club(s): Art and theatre  
*Orientation: Bisexual

 [Goofy]- She likes to make others smile so she'll go to any length to do so. Might even go as far as putting on a clown suit.   

 [Feisty] - Because she's traveled to a lot of places she's had to build up her courage to talk to new people where ever she went in order to learn anything from their culture.    

 [Kind hearted] Erika always puts others before herself. She's been all over the world and seen the worst of humanity so she just wants those around her to not fall into what she's seen.    

 [Indecisive]-Erika has a hard time with decision making because she's always thinking that someone will be upset over the decision she makes.  

 [Fanciful]-Erika is a bit of a daydreamer and she sometimes writes down her imaginings in a journal. 

 [Short tempered]- her biggest fault is her temper. The smallest comment could make her go into a bit of a rage. Luckily it fades as quick as it starts.    

[Fluctuating Self-esteem]- Erika fears she does not live up to the expectations of her family and peers and it causes her insecure at times. 

Biography: Erika was born in South America into a family of travelers. Since she was born her parents have wanted to travel to every corner of the earth, because of this Erika was home schooled by her mother. She does enjoy traveling but Erika never liked that they were ever anywhere long enough to make any friends. When she finally mustered up the courage she told her parents that she wanted to live somewhere more permanently. Complying to her wishes they sent Erika to attend high school in Japan there she met her friend and tutor Nakahara, Sho. He was how she found out about Chikurin-Daigaku as he is now a second year. 

*Trivia: She did some modeling for a Tokyo magazine in high school.
Hello there everyone I have a request for all you MMD character creators out there (Because they don't have an editing program for macs) I want to make a model for my online persona. 

As shown here in these pics

New look


Hey guys!!!

Halloween collab (My part)

Now don't be alarmed I know I put in a lot of details but to make this simpler for you I have already tracked down the necessary accessories for the character here on deviant art. I will start listing them from head to toe.

Using this head 
[MMD] Head Edit DOWNLOAD by MijumaruNr1
Use lightest skin tone here (or whatever matches the face I chose)
Classic ! Lat base { DOWNLOAD  ! } by melk-tea
use this hair 
[MMD] Hair Download 3 ||TDA Rin Hair Download by LenKagamine363
For accessories I would like the ears and collar from this set (If you can separate the set if not let me know)  
MMD Neko Needs Pack -Updated- by amiamy111  
This tail 
MMD -Fox Tail -DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18
And this necklace 
Key Necklace DOWNLOAD by Kohaku-Ume
Starting off the clothes we'll go with this tank top (I couldn't find exactly what she wears so I got as close as I could) 
MMD Sporty Tanktop by amiamy111
Over that we'll put this jacket 
MMD Jacket DL by 2234083174
I would also like these gloves 
[MMD] Fingerless gloves [DISTRIBUTION ENDED] by Wampa842
The light blue version of these shorts 
Simple Shorts DOWNLOAD by Kohaku-Ume
The stockings from this pack 
MMD Random pack  #33 by Tehrainbowllama
the kicks from this pack 
{MMD Download} Female Shoe Pack by MariCorsair

So again I would like if someone could do this for me I would really appreciate it :) Maybe I can even do a piece of art for you in return :) 

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  • Eating: food
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Ayame Chiyoko
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm 21 years old and a senior in College. I go by my pen name Ayame Chiyoko, and have a bad habit of forgetting things that are important, my YouTube account name is KaitieCHARMSgirl, XD. Thank you for viewing my art and please comment and feel free to ask for drawing requests!

Favorite genre of music: J-pop
Favorite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Iphone 6
Favorite anime character: L Lawliet
Personal Quote: Art is a way to escape without leaving home ,let art show you the way to a real adventure.

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