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Hey I have polls now! What do you think? 

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[Alola] Jennifer Bailey
For: :iconmaikai-alola:


Name: Jennifer Bailey
Age: 18 
Gender: Female 
Height: 5’4”
Job: Server
Birthplace: Olivine City, Jhoto region 
Residing: Heahea city, Akala island 

Supportive | Patient | Imaginative | Hardworking 
Shy | takes things personally | Overloads herself | Doesn't know how to tell people no 


Jennifer grew up in Olivine city, the daughter of Mike Bailey and his wife Veronica Bailey. Both of her parents currently hold jobs within public services of the city. She is the youngest of two her older brother Leon Bailey is currently in their birth city studying to be a breeder. When she was younger Jennifer enjoyed playing on the beach, she didn’t have very many human friends (besides her brother) but she spent her time playing with Pokémon that belonged to her parents and her brother. Being too shy to talk to any of the children at school Jennifer spent most of her time alone, her brother traveled around to different regions like most other kids but Jennifer was one of the few who decided to stay at home. 
One day her brother returned from his adventures and surprised her by giving her an Arcanine that he had caught and trained. At first Jennifer didn’t want to take the giant canine since her brother was the one to catch him but Leon insisted saying that he'd trained Arcanine to protect her. After receiving her first Pokémon Jennifer decided she wanted to catch some more on her own. Her first was Ditto (Though she thought it was a Pikachu when she tried to catch it) catching this one wasn’t easy since it was her first attempt but she and Alpha worked together to finally get it. She wasn’t disappointed when her pikachu turned out to be a Ditto in fact she was very excited to have her new Squishy. 
Later on Jennifer came across a Cottonee who had been abandoned by its trainer. She took the poor Pokémon in and helped it to trust others again. When she tried to release Cottonee back into the wild it refused to go so Jennifer decided to keep her now second Pokémon Peri. As Jennifer grew and left school she tried to figure out what step in life to take next. Her mother was actually the one to suggest she move to the Alola region. She did some research on all the islands in the area before finally moving to Heahea city on the Akala island. 

Headcanon voice- (calmer voices) 
She can sing but only when she's alone. 

Roleplay information: 
Status: Open
Preferred Methods: Discord, Skype, KIK, and Notes
Timezone: EST


Nickname: Alpha 
Pokemon Species: Arcanine
Sex: Male 
Type: Fire 
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Fire blast, Body slam, Roar, Ember, Flamethrower 

Nickname: Peri 
Pokemon Species: Cottonee 
Sex: Female
Type: Fairy | Grass
Ability: Prankster 
Moves: Charm, Cotton Guard, Leech seed, Solarbeam, Encore 
Nickname: Squishy 
Pokemon Species: Ditto 
Sex: Male 
Type: Normal 
Ability: Limber 
Moves: Transform 

PC box:
[Just name the pokemon you have once you caught them. DO NOT FILL THIS OUT WHEN YOU FIRST JOIN!]

The many hairstyles of Erika

Okay so I feel like Erika is one of those characters who has a specific hair styles for certian events and occasions or even everyday occurrences. 

The first one is her everyday hairstyle it's easy to do and it shows off just how thick her hair is. 

The second is for formal events. I like how it kinda has a retro feel to it.

The third is the hairstyle she chooses for a first date its cute and so fluffy!!!

Fourth is the hair style I feel is for special occasions like festivals or any chance she gets to wear a kimono or Lolita dress. 

Firth is pretty obvious, I think, this is her work out hair she sometimes even uses this when studying. 

The very last is a very special hair style if you see it. She calls it Muy Caliente its used to attract those she may or may not have a crush on. (Please somebody love her!!!!!)

Let me me know what you think in the comments :)!!!!!!
[CD] Spicy Lady

Named with the help of :iconmintyshark:

So just some creative piece that happened to feature Erika! Actually it's not that creative I've seen it done before. TT-TT 
But oh my god I love how her eyes came out in this! I think her eyes are like the best part of her! I also like how you all get a little sneak preview of Erika's rockin' bod XD 
I mean what else could be hiding under those baggy clothes. 
[CD] Sho's Rp Tracker

Status: Bullet; Green Open Bullet; Green 
Preferred method: Discord, Notes, Skype, and Kik
Rp style: Semi-lit
Time zone: EST

:? (Confused) Acquaintance :? (Confused) 
=) (Smile)  Friend =) (Smile)  
8-) (Cool) Best friend 8-) (Cool)  
Rose Crush Rose  
Heart LoveHeart 
:x (Mad) Dislike :x (Mad) 
Death  Hate Death   
:| (Blank Stare) Indifferent :| (Blank Stare) 

:-? (Confused) :x (Mad) Min-hee Myo: she made fun of Shiro at the potluck event I did not appreciate that in the slightest so I dumped a plate of food on her head.  

:? (Confused) :| (Blank Stare) Iori Ryo: My roommate, he's alright but we don't hang out much. He can get moody sometimes but from what I hear from others he can be alright. I think of him as a grumpy superhero. 

:? (Confused) Asuhara Katsumi: I'm pretty sure she's Shiro's version of Erika. 
:? (Confused) Tanaka Tomo: Met her on New Years and I didn't really talk to her much, she seems nice though.  

=) (Smile) 8-) (Cool) Chiro Erika: My best friend, she's been with me since high school. 

8-) (Cool) =) (Smile) Rose Heart Yamada Shiro: He's my boyfriend we met in front of the library and I tried to show off to him by explaining the origins of his dog Hydro. From then on we started hanging out together and eventually he confessed to me and I confessed back. Since then we spend all the time we can together. In short...I love him....

Just for fun: 


Heart B-) (Cool) Nakahara Yuri| Relation: Mother 
         -Okaa-San she loves me even knowing what I am. I trust her completely and I don't think I could get through life without her. Love you Okaa-San.

:-) (Smile) 8-) (Cool) Nakahara Sato| Relation: Cousin
         -Sato is alright, he doesn't fully understand how I prefer men over women but he doesn't mind that I do. He's trying, that's all I can ask.  

Death Nakahara Taku| Relation: Father 
           -I'd rather not talk about him. 

Feel free to comment below if you want to rp with my son!
Hello there everyone I have a request for all you MMD character creators out there (Because they don't have an editing program for macs) I want to make a model for my online persona. 

As shown here in these pics

New look


Hey guys!!!

Halloween collab (My part)

Now don't be alarmed I know I put in a lot of details but to make this simpler for you I have already tracked down the necessary accessories for the character here on deviant art. I will start listing them from head to toe.

Using this head 
[MMD] Head Edit DOWNLOAD by MijumaruNr1
Use lightest skin tone here (or whatever matches the face I chose)
Classic ! Lat base { DOWNLOAD  ! } by melk-tea
use this hair 
[MMD] Hair Download 3 ||TDA Rin Hair Download by LenKagamine363
For accessories I would like the ears and collar from this set (If you can separate the set if not let me know)  
MMD Neko Needs Pack -Updated- by amiamy111  
This tail 
MMD -Fox Tail -DOWNLOAD by MMDFakewings18
And this necklace 
Key Necklace DOWNLOAD by Kohaku-Ume
Starting off the clothes we'll go with this tank top (I couldn't find exactly what she wears so I got as close as I could) 
MMD Sporty Tanktop by amiamy111
Over that we'll put this jacket 
MMD Jacket DL by 2234083174
I would also like these gloves 
[MMD] Fingerless gloves [DISTRIBUTION ENDED] by Wampa842
The light blue version of these shorts 
Simple Shorts DOWNLOAD by Kohaku-Ume
The stockings from this pack 
MMD Random pack  #33 by Tehrainbowllama
the kicks from this pack 
{MMD Download} Female Shoe Pack by MariCorsair

So again I would like if someone could do this for me I would really appreciate it :) Maybe I can even do a piece of art for you in return :) 

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  • Drinking: Black cherry cola


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I'm 21 years old and a senior in College. I go by my pen name Ayame Chiyoko, and have a bad habit of forgetting things that are important, my YouTube account name is KaitieCHARMSgirl, XD. Thank you for viewing my art and please comment and feel free to ask for drawing requests!

Favorite genre of music: J-pop
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Favorite anime character: L Lawliet
Personal Quote: Art is a way to escape without leaving home ,let art show you the way to a real adventure.




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